/Throw your own party. (How to live through all of this.)

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Hello my loves! How have you been?

I am well. I’m living life on my terms and creating whatever that I want a long the way. AND YOU SHOULD TOO.

I know it’s been a bumpy road. And our journey is equally unique but there is one message I can give you all:

We are all creators. Our raw consciousness allows us to fully immerse ourselves in this existence. We can as Paulo Coelho puts it “try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” So take the good and bad equally. Do not despair! You wanted to experience the bad just as much as the euphoric. These experiences are all part of the game. Learn the rules of the game and then create your own reality within it.

Well that’s it for now.

For most of us, the hardest part of the journey is over and now it’s time to be creators of our own existence.

If you are new to this channel. I suggest you start at the very beginning and read through it all — every single entry. The point of this blog was to leave bread crumbs for those who follow. Make sure to drop in on our “meetings” as time does not matter in our meeting space. You can travel back to our randevus.

How to meet us you ask? Well here is a quick tutorial.

  • First meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind and energy.
  • Then ground.
  • Make sure to cloak yourself in protection.
  • Then read the clues at each entry and click play on the song.
  • Close your eyes and let it take you there.

Can’t wait to meet you there! Lot’s to talk about!

Ohhhhhh….I can’t resist I’ll throw another party…so you might of join this one first 😉

As per usual: Only those who are working in the spirit of the white light, no one else allowed.
Where: Open your heart, you know where to find us.
When: Tonight.

And of course, dress up as we want to blend in with the locals.


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I’m just a visitor.

My whole life I so desperately want to fit into any storyline. Be a part of a simple narrative where there is an experience that just fit.

Up until today, I felt the desire to find one. What has changed?

I realized I’m a visitor.

I’m not suppose to have a narrative. If I want to, I can create my own narrative but that is it. I’m here to experience this plane for what it is both good and bad — and that’s it.

No need to worry about so many of the human things because I’m not really part of the human race.

I know a lot of you feel this way.

So many of the human concepts are so hard for you to implement in you life. Whether it’s finding love, buying a home, finding a career, having a friend circle. It’s just one reason or another hasn’t worked out. Outsiders can blame you for not trying hard enough. Making poor decisions. But the reality is the same story book experience they are having isn’t yours. Because they are REAL humans. As in they belong on this planet, plane, simulation. They are the characters in the movie. You my dear friend are here to watch.

Don’t you find it interesting that Westworld has come out? That someone was able to create a script such as that one?

Or the Matrix?

These ideas are in all of us, who are not from here. We are the visitors.

The struggle can come to end with this realization. Because then you can begin to fabricate the experiences you came here for. You can just ignore the rest.

All the headlines, all the worries, all the things — those are just part of the human experience but you can ignore much of it. As in the long run it won’t really effect you. Those are for the humans who are in game fully. Their lives depend on it. Or least so they think. Let them.

/we are all way off track ya’ll

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We are off script friends.

WAY off script.

After randomly connecting with a Shaman on Friday, I went on a little bit of my own journey yesterday to get to the bottom of what am I doing here. As she said it imperative for the collective who came down here to do this ASAP.

The feeling I got is we are sooooooo off track to the point it might take a few additional lifetimes to get back on track.

Ewwwww…. really? I don’t really want to go through the washing machine again!

Let’s step back for a minute:

Through extensive meditation, QHHT and other practices I came to the conclusion of what I thought was the entire truth: I ***** * *****, am here to just live. That’s it. Experience all that is Earth and have fun.


Now let’s go to the beginning:

BTW –there was a last minute entry fee at the door to this wonderful party. And majority of us have forgotten about it. But all of us agreed to do something. Whether BIG OR SMALL we indeed agreed to carry out some sort of mission to be he.

Ta da! Surprise! Even the second and third wavers have something to do here.

Now what?

Well I don’t know. My trip yesterday left me with very little insights and answers — just a quiet whispering to go back to raw veganism and to master my energy field. To become a mother***ing ninja of manipulating the quantum field.

Like a wizard. Booya!

The whispering was once I get my cellular level cleaned up and my energy field under mastery to the point I can conjure up whatever I want then next steps will ensue.


Raw vegan detox books ordered last night from Amazon and some Dr. Joe Dispenza as well.

So if you happened to be reading this you might want to go on a journey on your own and well– accelerate the process a little bit. The Shaman mentioned if you don’t the universe will go to great length to help you speed up the process. There was mention of something like frequent near death experiences until you submit to the task. *CRASH*

If I were you, I wouldn’t wait. As I managed to experience two car wrecks in a matter of 90 days and few other life altering events. I just finally caved and said — you know what –I guess I’ll just stay home and go within. I mean isn’t this quarantine kind of a big clue that’s what we should be doing anyways?

/looking glass timeline

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Ah ha moment!

I know what timeline I’m on! For a moment I was a little scared.

The download happened while standing in the elevator.

Here was my thought process:

Why is everything so hyper exaggerated?

Like why is everything that can go possible wrong –is?


This is not karma. Actually it has nothing to do with me. I’m not doing anything.

BUT I’m seeing the cracks in everything and then two minutes later it blows up.

Maybe — the system wasn’t working to begin with.



/another portal jump

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It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote.

A lot has happened.

And then yesterday I jumped again. And I’m afraid this time to a far worst timeline. Everything is, well, unraveling at the moment. It’s not good.

Maybe in hindsight it will be all for the better but right now I’m in my own personal hell.

My optimistic attitude has faded away and I’m left with reality. That my life is not working for the situation and/or the situation is not working for my life. Question is next and what do I do?

I really have to shut out ALL the noise for this one. The input from family and friends has been wrong. EXTREMELY WRONG and to the point where it has created more problems instead of eliminated problems.

I will keep bouncing around like a ball in an arcade game until I find an opening. So be it.

I’m letting go in a profound way right now.

/portal jumping

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I just fell through another portal.

Crunch. It totally shook me today. To, my, very core.

Now what?

Well hello world. What’s so different about you at this juncture?

What was I moving away from?

And what exactly is going on?

I have a lot of questions as you can see. And I get this gaping feeling in the current timelines I’m on, no one can help me.

Are we becoming time travelers? Bouncing from timeline to timeline?

To be continued…

/Turn back time

WayV 威神V ‘Turn Back Time (超时空 回)’ MV

What if we are on a loop?

What if this time it doesn’t work out, we do it again? And again? Until it clicks?

What if we are still searching for the point in time where the change has to begin?

What if we are in a simulation? And all of this an AI script that we have no control of?

Because things are getting kinda crazy. And if we have aliens this year, it’s safe to say that our assumed vanilla, plain Jane, life was the biggest illusion in history of humans.


Photo by Killian Pham on Unsplash

Let’s connect.

You can crash the party anytime you want, including right now. (You can project to any moment in time. Backward, forward, and the now.) If you haven’t done this before it’s okay — I’m going to leave bread crumbs as per usual. Just open your heart and feel your way there. (And PS always listen for the music!)

Where: Open your heart, you know where to find me.
When: Look for marker left by yours truly on the timeline.
Attire: Party Casual, I hear SA himself will be making an appearance…
The Breadcrumb:

See you there!